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A Wonderful Performance By All

One thing for certain is that Canadians had an unprecedented experience during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

That was so evident from the record-breaking television audiences, enthusiastic spectators at the Olympic venues, and the enormous congregation of cheerful and patriotic fans that lined the street and squares of Vancouver and Whistler. The media from all over the world seemed to agree.

So, we thank the VANOC staff and volunteers for staging these wonderful Games, including the sensational torch run.

Own the Podium is delighted by the accomplishments of our winter sports over the past five years that we have worked with them. Our mandate was to provide resources and opportunities to targeted sports to help them meet their performance goals at the Games. The Olympic Games was the ultimate test for their athletes as they were expected to perform under unusual home pressures. They performed magnificently — all of them — and we want to thank them and their coaches and support personnel for making Canadians so proud.

And they did perform. Twenty-six medals, 14 gold, seven 4th place finishes, 17 5th place finishes, and 72 top eight finishes, the most of any nation. What is different than ever before is that we had more gold (14) medals than silver and bronze combined (12), and we had the most top eight finishes of any country. We have shown the world that we have significant depth of field at both the top and depth right behind.

All this success would not have been possible without the creation of Own the Podium, and without our funding partners. Sport Canada provided 56% of funding, VANOC corporate and provincial and territorial partners 38%, the COC 5%, with the CPC provided about 1%. The Canadian public also contributed through donations and the purchase of those great red mittens. For this we thank you.

This was a very worthwhile project that did a lot of good for Canadian sport and for our great country and its citizens.

Thank you, all, from OTP and in particular, its winter team.

Own the Podium Applauds Federal Government for its Investment in Canada's Winter and Summer Sport Athletes

CALGARY—Own the Podium and Canada's high-performance athletes congratulate the Harper government for responding to its request for replacement funding in the Own the Podium program, a unique initiative which played a critical role in Canada winning a historic 14 gold medals at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The federal government announced in Thursday's budget it will provide $22 million a year into the Own the Podium program.

The Federal government's commitment, to Own the Podium now totals $69 million annually, which includes a base level of funding of $22 million per year that will be directed to winter sport. For summer sport, the government of Canada's support is set at $36 million a year which will be invested to athletes preparing for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The remaining $11 million will go toward creating programs targeted to further developing winter and summer athletes and targeted investments into Canadian Sport Centres.

"We have heard, overwhelmingly, from Canadians about how proud they are of our athletes' tremendous performance in Vancouver and Whistler. It is clear that Canada wants to support our athletes in their pursuit for excellence and this replacement funding will help Own the Podium deliver on that desire," said Roger Jackson, chief executive officer, Own the Podium. "Through Government support, Canada's athletes have come a long way in their pursuit of excellence, and we are thrilled that Prime Minister Harper along with Ministers' James Moore and Gary Lunn have taken a lead in ensuring this success will continue well into the future."

"As an athlete who benefitted from Own the Podium support, I am thrilled that our Canadian government has stepped up to show their support for Canada's winter athletes", said Mellisa Hollingsworth, 2006 Olympic bronze medalist in skeleton. "Own the Podium has been one of the key difference makers in my career and I know that this investment will not only continue to help me with my goals in Sochi but it will also benefit the record number of athletes who came so close to landing on the podium in Vancouver and Whistler."

Own the Podium — 2010: Top Secret Project
Air Friction Team

Following a summit meeting with representatives of all the winter sports federations in Calgary in early August, 2006, the composition of the Air Friction Group of Top Secret/Own the Podium was formalized under the leadership of Dr. Guy Larose of the National Research Council of Canada. The Air Friction Group is composed of Dr. Larose, Dr. Len Brownlie and Annick D'Auteil and reports to Dr. Todd Allinger of Own the Podium/2010. Dr. Larose and Ms. D'Auteil and Dr. Darren Stefanyshyn of the University of Calgary are also involved in testing and product development work for long track and short track speed skating. Canadian specialty clothing manufacturers Ultimax Ltd. and Arc'teryx provided many of the "Top Secret" apparel solutions developed for the athletes, and their contribution should be acknowledged, although due to pre-existing sponsorship contracts, their names will not appear on any Olympic apparel.

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